AI solutions for healthcare
Improve patient outcomes and reduce costs with AI

Tribe can help you leverage machine learning to help detect disease faster, provide personalized treatment plans, automate processes, and speed up drug discovery and diagnostics.

AI in Healthcare: 7 Real-World Use Cases

See how Tribe healthcare customers are using ML to drive innovation, improve patient outcomes, and reduce costs.

Recent healthcare projects


Build data warehouse for clinical diagnostic tool

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Define technical approach for AI-driven fertility startup

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Increase performance for public pharma co supercomputer

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Reduce customer churn for public medical device company

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How Tribe can help

Diagnosis and treatment

Machine learning algorithms can analyze medical data from patient records, lab results, and other sources to help diagnose and treat patients more accurately. This can lead to better patient outcomes and improved overall health.

Process optimization

Streamline your claims processing with machine learning automation. Quickly identify and handle claims with machine learning algorithms, which detect fraud more efficiently, reducing costs and improving profits.

Drug discovery

Machine learning can help identify promising drug candidates and accelerate the drug discovery process, leading to faster and more cost effective development of new treatments.

Preventative care

Machine learning algorithms can analyze data from patient records and other sources to identify patients who may be at risk for certain conditions. This can help doctors provide proactive care and reduce the cost of treating preventable conditions.
Work with the best talent in AI
Full-stack Engineer

Lead engineer at FairPlay AI

Sr Engineer at Autodesk

System design, Data eng, APIs
AI Research Scientist

AI Research at Amazon

PhD Cognitive Neuroscience, Published 50+ papers

Data Science, Causal Interference, NLP
ML Engineer

Engineer at Cityblock Health

Sr Engineer Flatiron Health

Product, Dimensional modeling, Analytics
ML Engineer

ML at Amazon, Microsoft,
ASAPP, Infinitus

Conversational AI, NLP, Healthcare
Full-stack Engineer

Engineer at RBC

ML scientist at Arterys medical

Neural networks, Data eng, Recommendations
ML Engineer

Deep Learning Scientist at Ravel Biotech

Researcher at Harvard Medical School

LLMs, Genomics, Reinforcement learning
ML and Software Engineer

Worked for Google Brain

and Facebook AI Research

Neural Networks, Computer Vision, Transformers
[Our Tribe consultant] has become an indispensable member of our team. I trust her completely and even included her as part of our leadership team in our fundraising materials.
Tribe came in and systematically benchmarked and tested our infrastructure eventually implementing a number of improvements and fixes that led to massive cost savings.
We got so much more out of this project than we thought we would. And that’s in large part to the quality of the people Tribe brought in.

Driving innovation with AI

Case Study

Taking a Data-Driven Approach to Fertility with Rita Health

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ML in Healthcare: 7 real-world use cases


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