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Tribe AI is an advanced analytics firm operating at the intersection of strategy, technology and data to improve performance outcomes for organizations.


We work at the forefront of machine learning

We're a collective of engineers, scientists, and researchers from top technical institutions

How we partner

Advance your business through the power of Machine Learning

Scoping and Discovery

We provide in-depth scoping to help you discover opportunities where ML and AI can be applied to your business.

Project Development

Work with top data scientists and machine learning engineers to develop models that integrate AI solutions at enterprise scale.

Talent Augmentation

Pair your in-house team with our experts to move faster on AI initiatives. Your team learns from our talent while on the job.

meet a few of the dozens of tribe members

Tribe members are leaders in AI and Machine Learning


Yaroslav worked at OpenAI developing algorithms to run neural networks. He also worked at Google Brain, where he designed the system to replace manual StreetView labeling and wrote the first TensorFlow Python client. He is a frequent speaker at ML events and the author of many ML publications.


Hector founded the Airbnb pricing team and wrote the dynamic pricing algorithm for Airbnb listings. He also worked at Google AI, leading image search quality and perception for the self-driving car. He won an Emmy for Youtube’s personalized video recommendation system.


Danny built ML products for brands like Prudential, Gauss Surgical, and McDonald's. Previously he built MetaMind's Deep Learning platform and led Data Science at MetroMile, creating intelligent driver services and per-mile insurance. Danny studied Machine Learning at MIT and Stanford.


Tyler has 12 years of experience developing Machine Learning systems. He built Google’s initial sentiment analysis engine and developed robotics simulations for OpenAI. He is an O’Reilly author with 3 patents and has a PhD in Machine Learning from NYU.


Sri was an early engineer at Google and Facebook, where he built the first search ranking algorithms. He founded two companies using ML for Retail & E-Commerce: inventory management and personalized customer experience. He has a PhD in Computer Science from CMU.


Xander has applied deep learning to industrial robots, financial markets, and protein design. Previously he was at Apple where he built software running on hundreds of millions of devices, was VP of Engineering at Numerai, and founded a biotech startup using ML to cure obesity.

Work with industry experts who deliver real business results

Machine Learning can drive new revenue and drastically cut costs. In order to deliver on your initiatives, the right talent makes all the difference.

tribe accelerates ai adoption

Why companies trust Tribe with their most critical AI initiatives

Domain Experts

Tribe members are domain experts who are at the top of their field in Machine Learning and AI.

Highly Selective

Tribe members are thoroughly vetted and must have stellar references that speak to their accomplishments.

Personalized Matching

Teams are matched to client initiatives based on past research and proven work history.

Company Alignment

Project engagements always start with a scoping and discovery phase to ensure feasibility and executive alignment.

High Integrity

Machine Learning is not an end-all solution. We'll be the first to let you know that you don't need a neural net when a linear regression model will do.


We start by framing the problem, collecting data, and exploring models. Then we refine models while continuing to test and evaluate. Finally we deploy the model and continue ongoing model maintenance.

Harness the power of Machine Learning with Tribe AI

Every industry is being transformed by Machine Learning.
Tribe AI gives you specialized talent to help you leverage this technology for your business.