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AI is changing the way construction firms, workers, and clients do business. Investing in AI solutions for construction can provide significant benefits when it comes to efficiency, safety, and profitability of construction projects.

How Tribe built AI-powered estimating takeoff software

Learn how Tribe partnered with Togal to empower non-technical leadership to execute on a strategic technical vision to build the world’s fastest estimating takeoff software.

Recent projects


Automate bid process for large food distribution company

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Build world's fastest estimating takeoff software

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Scale ML functions for public medical device company

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Automate manual processes for energy logistics company

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How Tribe can help


Machine learning algorithms can analyze data from your supply chain, such as inventory levels, demand forecasts, and shipping times to optimize operations. This same technique can be applied to route optimization to reduce fuel costs and improve delivery times.


Streamline your claims processing with machine learning automation. Quickly identify and handle claims with machine learning algorithms, which detect fraud more efficiently, reducing costs and improving profits.


Machine learning algorithms can identify potential safety hazards in job sites and take proactive measures to prevent accidents and improve worker safety.


Machine learning algorithms can analyze data from past projects to help plan and schedule future projects more accurately, minimizing delays and cost overruns.
Work with the best AI talent in the world
Data Science Researcher

Postdoc researcher at Princeton

Research at Microsoft Research

Quant research, Software tech, Logistics
Full-stack Engineer

Lead engineer at FairPlay AI

Sr Engineer at Autodesk

System design, Data eng, APIs
Computer Vision Engineer

Worked at Apple and Nasa

Intelligent Perception, Robotics, Computer Vision

CTO at Togal
ML at Adblock

Deep learning, Neural networks, ML engineer
Data Scientist

Worked for Nasa, Google,
Stanford, Wayfair

Text classification, Demand forecasting
ML Engineer

ML at Google

Early engineer at Amazon Data

Data eng, NLP, Supply chain

Trusted by top executives

Tribe stepped into our company at a critical time to help us not only build out our machine learning, but also to act as a true advisor.
Working with Tribe meant working with some of the best technical talent from silicon valley. This is simply talent we wouldn’t otherwise be able to attract to Oklahoma City and it’s upleveled the entire company.
After Tribe joined, we went from 0 to 100 in terms of time to market. This work was a jet propulsion for our team.
This is one of the most dynamic consulting engagements we’ve ever had. The value Tribe has already provided is exceptional.

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