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Move from concept to reality by partnering with Tribe to ship a generative AI MVP fast. 

Together, we’ll identify your most promising generative AI opportunities, explore which Large Language Model (LLM) best meets your needs, create a working version, optimize prompts for better results, and craft a detailed plan for transitioning it to a full-scale solution for your business.

Phase 1
Discover + Scope

In this initial phase, we dive into your business landscape and engage with key stakeholders from your team to grasp your goals, needs, and the existing technical ecosystem. Through a blend of meticulous planning and insightful evaluations, we lay down a solid foundation, sketching a high-level technical design to navigate towards a tailored generative AI solution.

Phase 2
Rapidly Prototype

Transitioning from insights to action, we select an optimal foundation model, swiftly evolving to a rapid prototyping stage where your AI product takes form. We enable immediate testing and feedback, taking a data-driven approach to refine and move closer to a product tailored to your business’ aspirations.

Phase 3
Iterate + Optimize

Taking the approach of “test, refine, and repeat,” we nurture a feedback-rich cycle to understand product’s hits and misses. Through constant iteration based on user input and performance metrics alongside strategic model testing, we refine the tool to better align with both user experience and your business objectives, ensuring a step closer to a generative AI product for real-world demands.

Phase 4
Evaluate + Plan

In this final phase, we showcase the working MVP, highlighting its capabilities and potential business impact. We show a detailed evaluation of its performance and reception with users. Drawing on this feedback, we craft a product plan for a broader rollout to integrate and scale your new generative AI tool within your business.

Powered by the top talent in AI
AI Researcher
Andrew C.

Worked at Google Brain, Gretel AI

OpenAI Fellow

LLMs, NLP, Transformers
AI Researcher

AI and research at Meta,
Allen AI, and Palantir

CV, NLP, ML Engineer
Data Scientist

Worked for Nasa, Google,
Stanford, Wayfair

Text classification, Demand forecasting
Principal ML Engineer

Director of Data Science at Appen,

Researcher at Toyota

Infrastructure, Data Science, ML Ops
ML Engineer

ML at Google

Early engineer at Amazon Data

Data eng, NLP, Supply chain
ML Product Manager

ML Producer at Uber and Groupon,

HCI at Stanford

Product Management, Language Interfaces, Algorithmic Pricing
Research Engineer

Researcher at University of Edinburgh

Product at Google

AI Fairness, Interpretability, NLP
ML engineer

Engineering at Surge AI, Twitter

Harvard CS degree

Large Language Models, NLP, Humans-In-The-Loop
ML Engineer

Deep Learning Scientist at Ravel Biotech

Researcher at Harvard Medical School

LLMs, Genomics, Reinforcement learning
NLP Researcher

Data Scientist at IBM and AWS,

Faculty at Carnegie Mellon

Large Language Models, NLP, Infrastructure
Senior ML Engineer

First employee at Weights & Biases,

Worked at Google

Data Science, NLP, Computer Vision
ML and Software Engineer

Worked for Google Brain

and Facebook AI Research

Neural Networks, Computer Vision, Transformers

CTO at Togal
ML at Adblock

Deep learning, Neural networks, ML engineer
ML Engineer

Software Engineering at Google

Linguistics at UCLA

NLP, CV, Linguistics

VP of Eng at Carta

Head of Eng at Nova

Blockchain, Fintech, Advisor
Senior Data Scientist

Data at Google

Launched Apple card at Apple

Data infra, Deep learning
AI Research Scientist

AI Research at Amazon

PhD Cognitive Neuroscience, Published 50+ papers

Data Science, Causal Interference, NLP
ML Engineer

Engineer at Cityblock Health

Sr Engineer Flatiron Health

Product, Dimensional modeling, Analytics
ML Engineer

Led ML at ClearBrain , Amplitude

Recommendations, ML infra, AWS
ML Engineer

ML at Amazon, Microsoft,
ASAPP, Infinitus

Conversational AI, NLP, Healthcare
Full-stack Engineer

Engineer at RBC

ML scientist at Arterys medical

Neural networks, Data eng, Recommendations
ML Engineer

Worked at Asana, Wikimedia, CertiK

1st DS hire at Deserve

Data science, Web3, AI Ethics
ML Scientist

PhD from Cambridge University

Worked on NLP at Amazon Alexa

NLP, Chatbots, NLU
ML Engineer

ML Engineer at Meta

Co-founder Habiter (YC S20)

NLP, LLM, Neural networks, Deep learning
[Our Tribe advisor] grounded us in understanding the different models and training structures to think about. Every week was a new unlock to a deeper understanding of how to use this new technology.
My head was spinning during the entire handoff presentation. We now have our multi-year product roadmap, based on this 8-week project – which is incredible.
Tribe stepped into our company at a critical time to help us not only build out our machine learning, but also to act as a true advisor.
We got so much more out of this project than we thought we would. And that’s in large part to the quality of the people Tribe brought in.
It’s very rare you meet people like Tribe engineers who have the technical skills to understand your data, turn it into something actionable, and also communicate the value to us as the business guys.
How Tribe accelerates generative AI

Top AI talent

Tribe has a network of 300+ leading AI practitioners from companies like OpenAI, Google, and Meta, by leveraging fractional work models that make it easy for top talent to build for you.

Proprietary AI tooling

Our bespoke staffing tool and extensive data enable us to staff technical dream teams in hours instead of weeks. Combined with our steadily growing pool of talent, this let us support companies as they evolve across their AI lifecycle.

Industry expertise

Tribe members have years of experience building and deploying real-world AI tools at scale across industries. Our network has deep expertise in nearly every major industry, including finance, healthcare, energy, insurance, supply chain, ecommerce and more.


Our team has extensive experience in data privacy and security compliance, ensuring that your data remains secure and confidential. We provide secure storage of sensitive data through a combination of encryption, access control, and secure protocols.

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