ML consulting as a digital nomad

Bailey Seybolt

Why did you leave your full time job as an engineer?

I developed these long lasting beautiful relationships in the office jobs I worked at. But I was fatigued by the hurdles associated with corporate work. It was a really rote experience, just going from meeting to meeting. I wanted to find a life that would enable me to have the financial independence to explore the world and do good along the way. I wanted to go back to coding and do work that I love from anywhere.

"I wanted to go back to coding and do work that I love from anywhere."

How did you get started?

We did all the things around incorporation, taxes, etc. Then we started traveling. The idea is that you live for free and volunteer 3-4 hours per day. Then consult on the side or in between projects. We worked on permaculture in Bolivia. Then we went to Peru and worked on a school and playground construction project. Then we were in Kenya for four months working at an NGO around water access. Today, we’re in Wyoming and heading to the Wind River Reservation.

Is it challenging to keep consulting while traveling?

Not really. The awesome thing about a contracted-based, but also flexible time work schedule is that we get to own our days. I’ve made a deliberate choice to live my life this way, so I’m not expected to be online all day. My work is very independent, which is one of the things I love about it.

Why did you join Tribe?

I wanted to be part of a community of like-minded individuals. If I get stuck on a problem, I don’t want to feel alone. And that’s been the case ever since I joined the tribe. I have a community, and one that cares.

What’s your favorite part about Tribe?

To me, the value of Tribe is really about the community. Connecting with all these engineers is a really beautiful way to bridge the isolation of remote work in this increasingly virtual world.

Where will your travels take you next?

We’re excited to explore Rwanda and South Africa. Madagascar. And we want to go spend two years in SE Asia – exploring all the beauty over there. We’ll see.

"Connecting with all these engineers is a really beautiful way to bridge the isolation of remote work in this increasingly virtual world."

You can read more about Alda’s journey into consulting, traveling, and volunteering here.

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