pursue your passion

Money to do what you want, freedom to do what you love

Monetize your skills

Get access to high-paying contract engagements that are aligned with your skills and interests.

Collaborate together

Connect with others who are passionate about your areas of interest. Team up to work together on contract engagements or independent research.


Don’t worry about marketing, sales, negotiations, and client management. We take care of that so you can do what you do best - solve hard problems and write great code.

Like-minded community

Connect with the best minds in Machine Learning and AI research. Meet new people with similar areas of interest through our online community or at our meetups and speaker events.

Grants for research

A portion of the proceeds from every project goes to funding grants for independent research.

Get paid for referrals

Too busy to take on new consulting work yourself? We get it. Refer deals to the community and take a portion of the earnings for helping others find interesting work.

WHY we do what we do

Life is short so make the most of it

Work with smart people on interesting things

"At my last large employer, much of what I worked on was shut down, which means nobody could see my work. I really enjoy working on open-source and collaborating with other smart people to really make a difference. Tribe makes it so I don’t have to worry about anything else and can focus on what I think is important."

Control your time, control your life

“I don’t want to feel exploited or like a commodity. Consulting with Tribe gives me control over my life and how I spend my time.”

Independent research that matters

“I work a few days to pay the bills. I focus on research in the rest of my time that likely won’t have revenue applications in the near-term. That feels like a good balance to me.” 

Great pay for exciting projects

"A week after joining Tribe I had a contract paying 20% more than my normal rate working on an exciting project that's aligned with my own interests."

Join us

Do meaningful work, make the money you deserve, work with talented people, and live life on your terms. If you're as good as we think you are, we'd love to have you in our tribe.